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It’s almost time for Asexual Supernatural Week, where it’s time to celebrate anything of the asexual spectrum in the Supernatural fandom. Be it headcanons, meta, fanart, fanfiction, graphics, and anything else you desire! Tag your posts with #acespnweek and we’ll be sure to reblog them here!

To avoid feeling too restricting, the week’s days do not have themes. However, feel free to consider this list of ideas:

  • Favorite ace relationships
  • Favorite ace character
  • Crossover ace relationships
  • Possible ace moments
  • Ace pride colors
  • Ace AUs
  • anything!

(graphic by swordofthehost)

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Can’t make a good soup, can’t do a handstand in a pool, can’t spell the word lieutenant. There’s a lot of can’ts in my life right now.


dedicated to my wife natalie dormer


"All I want is to wine and dine someone. To make them feel special. I was dating someone and it was their birthday, and I rented out this entire private space overlooking the ocean. I had a famous chef cook for them, and music too. But I think that I’m overly romantic in my nature."