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do lesbian politics and bi women’s politics have to be separate and oppositional

what about women who love women politics

that could happen if there weren’t any bisexual lesbophobes ruining it for everyone else

there’s a lot of toxic shit in our communities/community but pretending solidarity is impossible because of that is toxic in and of itself

this doesn’t need to be a self-perpetuating cycle

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stuck in an elevator au. prompt by the lovely crystal!! dean smith / enverse!cas (i hope you don’t mind me making it this pairing!!!)

"I’m gonna have to cancel lunch today, Dean," Anna said, still typing wildly at her computer. She stopped only momentarily to look up at him with an apologetic smile. "But my brother is coming in to drop something off for me." She looked away from her computer and picked up her cell phone to check a message from, surely, this mystery brother that Dean had only heard about and had yet to meet. "You could go out with him."

"He’s a complete stranger," Dean answered incredulously. He fixed his tie, pulling it tighter around his neck, anxiously. 

Anna shrugged and put her phone back down on the table. “He’s an easy-going guy. Don’t worry about it. It might be good for you.”

"Good for me," Dean muttered. "You sound like my mother."

Anna shrugged. “I’m only saying.”

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i’m gonna start using this line

you are SO pretty! I love your hair :)

oh my gosh thank you!!!! <3 i’m actually gonna chop it all off tho eeeeee

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